Boutique Hotels, Inns, and Lodges

  • In the South of France

    In the South of France

  • A Riad In Marrakesh

    A Riad In Marrakesh

  • A Vineyard and Hotel under Table Mountain

    A Vineyard and Hotel under Table Mountain

  • A Bath in the Bush in South African

    A Bath in the Bush in South African

  • The Charm of Charleston

    The Charm of Charleston

  • Comfort in the Kalahari

    Comfort in the Kalahari

  • A Castle at Cassis

    A Castle at Cassis

A Vacation Rental Home can be the perfect way to vacation with family and friends, but sometimes for a short stay, or for one of two people, a special hotel is the way to go. Like the homes we choose, our preferred hotels are carefully selected. When you long for extra service, luxury, and romance, or for a short stay, we have some great suggestions. 

We now have a small, but growing selection in the South of France, and in South Africa, Namibia, and Zanzibar.

We have organized and lead small tours through southern Africa for many years, and we take pleasure in customising personal tours through this amazing and varied continent, according to your own schedule and wishes. We can book hotels and lodges, organize ground and air-transportation, and even select, itineraries restaurants,sites, and museums, from the Cape to the Kalahari Dessert

As with our Villa and Apartment Rentals, we know all of our hotels personally. If we don’t love them and if we don’t look forward to returning,time after time, they are not on our list ! So be advised, this is not a list culled from directories. It is not the list of the best hotels in the world. The number of hotel stars might vary. As past owners of a chateau-hotel in France for 15 years, we know something about hotels. Our tastes are clear – places with character, interesting architecture, beautiful furnishings or unforgettable settings, and always charm and comfort, where customer service is a creed, and owners and staff care about their guests.