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The ‘Character’ of Commendable Rentals

Commendable Rentals is the place for great vacations.

Commendable Rentals was created by people who have lived and travelled widely in many countries, cherishing artful homes and furnishings in historic environments and beautiful settings. They seek to offer something special to those who share their tastes, and who seek both culture and adventure. Susan Doull, after creating and running an elegant château-hotel in France, lived in Rome and in an Italian medieval hilltop village and chose to share these experiences with others.

Commendable Rentalsseeks properties with character, each unique, with its own history and its own personality.

The owners of these properties see their homes as far more than a simple asset; their emotional investment in their homes is expressed in their care and attention to detail. In many cases the property will  have been in the family’s possession for centuries. Every property has been carefully vetted, and while the prices vary, important standards are maintained throughout the portfolio. In each you will feel an honored Guest. Thus, unlike so many large and small “channel” websites, we only include properties that not only do we actually know, but we actually like.

Susan and her husband, Adrian, combine many years of living in  the United States, Canada, Italy, France, the UK and South Africa, and will continue to add new rental properties in those countries as well as the best boutique hotels in the areas of which they have personal knowledge.

As the Commendable Rentals team expands, the Doulls are being joined by like people who enjoy travel and the hospitality of tasteful properties, thus maintaining a portfolio of only ‘character’ properties.

Boutique Hotels and Lodges – Commendable Rentals sees hotels as complementary to rental properties. From personal experience,Commendable Rentals recommends a limited number of lodges and boutique hotels in the countries where it has properties. Mostly owner-operated, these establishments are notable for their character and their service.  

Commendable TravelWith decades of exerience of travel to Southern Africa, Commendable Rentals LLC organises and guides small groups (8-12 participants) in travel to Southern and East Africa. These are designed to provide our guests with an experience of the countries that goes beyond their natural attractions, and which allow for a greater understanding of the historical and cultural realities. A notable feature are the interesting local nationals who join our groups for informal discussions.